Grocery shopping is such a chore,
How would you like your own "home store"?
No running around spending extra dough,
Hauling bags of groceries through the snow.
Hey, I've got just the thing for you!
It's something new we call "Thrive Q".
Guess what... NO STRESS!!
Why wouldn't you say YES!
It only takes a minute or two,
Your families ages and calories it will run through.
Click on the food you like or need,
By the time you're done you'll feel so freed!
Get your budget nice and set,
It takes away any worry or fret!
Each month your building a store of your own,
So you'll have what you need when you feel like a scone.
And before you know it, you're on your way,
You'll find you have more time in your day,
To spend with your kids or read a good book,
The "Thrive Q" I promise is worth the look!

By: Quinessa P.

Contact me if you would like a party.
I live in Missouri!


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