6 Pack Packages can now be added to the Q!

Remember if you've been on the Q for at least 3 months, you can adjust your budget from month to month, up or down. It's all up to you. One month order the meat pack and the next month order the veggies pack!

These are the 6 packs and their prices! You can add them to your Q to get an amazing discount over even ordering individual cans with these prices!

To Seller 6 pack: $81.99

instant milk, eggs powder, strawberries, hard white winter wheat, whole wheat flour and quick oats

Freeze Dried Meat 6 pack: $243.99

sausage crumbles, ground beef, chicken, ham, roast beef

Mixed Veggie 6 pack: $83.99

cauliflower, green beans, chopped onions, potato chunks, carrot dices, sweet corn

Dehydrated Fruit 6 pack: $71.99

apple slices, apple chips (2), banana chips (2), and pineapple

Mixed Berry 6 pack: $170.99

blackberries, raspberries (2), strawberries (2), blueberries

Island Fruit 6 pack: $145.99

mandarin oranges, mangoes (2), banana slices (2) and pineapple fd

Green Veggies 6 pack: $93.99

green beans, green peas, split green peas, chopped spinach, broccoli, celery

Kids 6 pack: $52.99

strawberries, elbow macaroni (2), cheese blend (2), non-fat powdered milk

Entree 6 pack: $182.99

cheesy potatoes, creamy chicken tomato pasta, chicken curry, sweet pepper steak, chili and vegetable risotto

Entree Soup 6 pack: $193.99

baked potato cheese soup (2), broccoli cheese soup (2), chicken noodle soup (2)

Cheese 6 pack: $185.00

FD cheddar (2), Colby, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella (2)

If you are a Q customer already, feel free to add these anytime at these great prices!

If you want to start a Q and get deals like this every month just sign up at readyhomestore.shelfreliance.com.

It's the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to build you home store one month at a time with no added fees or charges. Just set your budget and start getting your supply!

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