Shelf Reliance Sisters- Give Away starting July 1st!

To qualify, become a follower on our blog and tell us what your favorite Shelf Reliance product is and why! We will enter all those who participate in our drawing and choose a winner July 31st.

So don't forget!
1) Become a follower on our blog
2) post what your favorite Shelf Reliance product is and why by July 31st!
The Prize: Choose (1), #10 can of any of the FD Yogurts that we carry!

These #10 cans retail from $33-$38 a can!


(Only for customer, not consultants)


nancypo said...

I think THE most important thing to have is a Katadyn water filter. You can go quite a while without food if you had to, but not without WATER! Our bodies are mostly water and our pets need it too! I'd love the Blueberry yogurt! Thanks!!! Nancy

Rachel said...

great Nancy! And I agree with you! I always talk about water at parties for just that reason! Thanks for your post!

Marissa and Al said...

I love the instant milk. Several times I've run out of milk and luckily I have the instant milk on hand so I don't have to run to the store for one item.

Rachel said...

so glad to here your family loves it! I think people are really turned off by the sound of milk in a can! But it is actually really good!
Thanks for entering the contest!

Rachel said...
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