Why I am a Consultant

This is Rachel, your consultant and contact with Shelf Reliance. And one of the Shelf Reliance Sisters for this blog!

I am originally from New Jersey.I graduated with a degree in Spanish from Utah State University. And I am the mother of 4 amazing kids, ages 11 down to 3!

I am a company trainer and Platinum level consultant. This is the highest rank in the company. I knew almost nothing about food storage before I signed up with the company. The VP, Jason Norton, and my husband have been friends for a long time. And Jason was the one that introduced us to the Shelf Reliance Party Plan.

We immediately recognized an amazing opportunity and signed up right away!

First this was a ground floor opportunity and second, the product is consumable and therefore would create recurring sales. We were right on both instances!

Since September of 2009, we have more than doubled our income. And my husband quit his dream job as a professor at a university to work on this business full time.

We are seeing things happen that we didn't think would be possible within the first year and a half of running our home business. And the potential continues to floor us.

Right now the company sells nationally including shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, but it has plans to open in Canada this summer as well as other international countries very soon. We plan to be heavily involved with these countries.

We'd like to encourage you to take at look at our company, if you haven't already, and sign up with us on our team. We train our teammates well and we train within the company nationally as well. We want to see our team be successful and we do everything we can to see that happens.

This opportunity is ripe today, but because of it's nature, may be saturated within only a few more years. There is much growth in the west, near company headquarters. But the rest of the country although smaller in consultants, is catching on fire with this idea of "storing what you eat and eating what you store" and becoming prepared for eventualities.

With all that has been going on in the world and in our own country, people are looking for someone to help them get prepared. And that will be you! We can help you be that person.

We would like to send you an information packet, including DVD and food samples to your home. We will include our contact information as well as how to sign up on our team online.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you soon,

Chad and Rachel

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