The Q and FREE Food for You!

For all those who are Q customers and haven't had a party, it's time to schedule one and get your free product!

See the chart to see how much you've earned!

If your Q budget is set to:

$50 Q: $15 in free product
$75 Q: $ 22.50 in free product
$100 Q: $30 in free product
$125 Q: $37.50 in free product
$200 Q: $60 in free product and 50% off an order of $100.

And it just goes up from there!

If you've been thinking about starting the Q, then let's have a party too! You'll get these benefits plus extra from your party orders. 

Parties can be catalog parties or in person. It's up to you. If you live far away from me, not to worry, I can find someone to come and give a party for you!

Don't hesitate to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get free product and for 50% off just by starting the monthly Q and scheduling a party. 

The monthly Q is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get your food delivered to your door every month!

Email me at: to pick a day!


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