Shelf Reliance Bucket Video!

Introducing the Bucket

When can I purchase the new THRIVE® buckets?
The official launch will be Monday, August 1. However, Q-club members will be able to pre-order buckets starting Friday, July 22.
What are the benefits of pre-ordering THRIVE® buckets?

As an exclusive reward to Q-club members, you will have the opportunity to order an unlimited amount of THRIVE buckets before the general public. We will ship THRIVE buckets starting on August 1 in the order in which the product-orders are were received.

How will my Q-shipment be affected if I add THRIVE® buckets to it during the pre-order phase?
If your Q is scheduled to ship between July 22 and July 31 and you included THRIVE® buckets into that shipment, your order will be held until August 1.

Are THRIVE® bucket products different from products in other packaging options?
No, the products are exactly the same no matter what packaging they appear in. You will receive the same benefits and shelf life with THRIVE® buckets as with all our other packaging
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