Today's your special day to sign up as a consultant!

Buy a Consultant Kit and start making some money today with an added 20% off!


If the price of signing up to be a consultant has been holding you back, this is just the right time for you. From today until July 5th our consultant starter kits are 20% off!
Start a home business for only $159! The kit comes with marketing material, food for your parties, cookbook, apron and DVD; everything to get you started!

Starter Kit $159 (food samples in pouch sizes)

Value Starter Kit $231 (food samples in pantry cans sizes)

Deluxe Starter Kit $463 (food samples in #10 can size, includes a shelf and 72 hour backpack)

Super Deluxe Starter Kit $719 (includes huge marketing set up and posters)

To become a consultant, email me FIRST. I'll have some information for that you'll need first to sign up on my team!

Read all about consulting at under the tab "OPPORTUNITY"

Also see why I became a consultant, by clicking on the top of this blog on my personal tab!

I'd love to have you join my team!

Let's get started!

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