What comes in a Consultant Kit?

For only $189 now $159
  start your own home business 
and get everything below!

One of each of these items will be sent to you:
Strawberries (FD)  Corn (FD)
Mangoes (FD)  Green Beans (FD)
Raspberries (FD 
Pineapple (FD)
Choose 2 entrees
(2 of each will be sent to you - 1 to sample
and 1 for parties)
Cornbread Pack
Ham Fried Rice Pack
Chicken Salad Sandwich Pack
Granola Pack

2 of each will be sent to you
Brownie mix
Macaroon mix
Smoothie mix

Pack also includes:
1 Apron
1 THRIVE Cookbook
20 THRIVE Brochures
20 Q Brochures
20 Opportunity Brochures
1 THRIVE Packages Brochure
10 Catalogs
1 Opportunity DVD
100 Invitations
50 Sample Cups
20 Order Forms
2 Host Benefits Forms
2 Host Party Prep Sheets
1 Price List
1 Sample Recipe Sheet
1 Consultant Handbook
1 Sheet of magnets for presentation
1 Welcome letter
Access to consultant admin site

Contact me to sign up! consultant@thrivecrew.com

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