Cache Valley Food Pantry

Cache Valley Food Pantry
I feel like I've been so blessed working with Shelf Reliance that I want to turn around and help someone else. 
The biggest shelving unit they have
I called our local food pantry and introduced myself. Matt and I talked only for a few minutes but he seemed really excited about being able to receive a donation from me of some kind of shelving systems. I was thinking they probably had shelves already and could use cansolidator pantries mostly. Boy was I wrong!

This little operation is run entirely by donations and does not have much shelving or organization systems to speak of.

The large shelf
The Cache Valley Food Pantry is a very integral part of our community. And it doesn't have the food or supplies to help the community like it would like to. There have been many times this year that I have seen long lines of people standing outside of the Pantry parking lot waiting for their turn to get what they need. Without help from the community, I don't see how this can continue year after year.

In talking with Matt, I asked him what he would need. He suggested Harvest #10 shelving. He was very modest in his request. But when I looked in the warehouse, I noticed they would need way more than one, plus cansolidator pantries for the thousands of cans that they had tossed in a huge box.

Large box filled with soup-sized cans
I want our community pantry to be a place that a person can feel like they've received a heart felt donation instead of tossed out food. It isn't uncommon for those who have never needed this kind of assistance to feel the sting of the economy and have to stand in line to receive food. It's a hard enough experience as it is, and I hope by helping the warehouse look more like a store, that it will help these people in there tough times.
I want to fill this wall with Harvest Shelves

As a consultant I get free product and product for half off. I am going to start to turn around and use these personal orders to benefit the Cache Valley Pantry. I'm pleased to find a place where I can really be of service. And it feels good to help the community that I love.
This whole area will look like a store

If this is something you would like to do in your community, I would urge you to contact your local pantry and talk to them about what they need. Go down and see the location for yourself. And offer your help.

I'm pleased that because of working as a consultant with Shelf Reliance I now how financial means and time to help others in a significant way.


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