Stay at Home Moms are Shelf Reliance Moms

So I'm new to twitter and following people and all that. I was looking for a good support group for myself like tips and tricks about working from home as a stay at home mom. It is a challenge to get things done with kiddos around. And I'd love some good ideas on making a schedule and using my time wisely.
As I was searching all I saw under that subject was outrageous advertisement targeting moms to work from home and they all seemed so shady.
So I thought I would really tell you how it is to be a Shelf Reliance consultant and work from home.

  • I wake up and check my email, facebook, blog and phone messages as soon as I wake up. 
  • Breakfast for me and 2 other little kids. (The other 2 bigs kids are already at school). 
  • Dishes or laundry or make the bed. (no way I get all 3 done!)
  • Follow up messages to team mates
  • Post on Blog: 
  • Email team and/or customers some training or specials
  • Drive kindergartener to school.
  • For a long time I would have about 1-2 parties a week that I would get prepared for during the day. I don't have to do that as much anymore since I've been setting up monthly Q's and growing a team. When I had parties I would take about 20 minutes to put together all my materials for the party including samples, price lists and marketing material and then get the food out that I'd prepare. Follow up with hostess to see how many guests are coming.
  •  House work. Plan dinner for when I'm gone at the party.
  • Pick up kids from school. Give snacks, start home work, put together party food and some dinner for later.  
  • Head out for the scheduled Shelf Reliance party. Be gone 1.5 -2 hour total! 
  • Get home and work on emails, blog, and read. Check on all the kids and say "hi" to the husband.
  • And start all over again the next day.

Some other things I squeeze in there
- piano lessons
- gymnastics
- play dates
- music concerts
- church visits and other responsibilities
-organize a room
- potty training
- mop the kitchen floor
- read book for a (cross your fingers)  nap time with 3 year old.
- clean up 5 year old and 3 year old disasters. This can be absolutely anything!
- grocery shopping

Ryan making a FLOUR angel on the kitchen floor yesterday
You get the idea!

Working from home and being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is just what you'd expect! But it isn't shady. It isn't all consuming. It isn't a money making scheme or easy money.

I'm glad I could do this from home and be a mom. It's been an amazing ride for our family. And it's become a REAL business with an income that keeps growing for our family. It's nice.

But more importantly- it allows us to have the means to help others and be together more as a family!

Our first trip to Disney World
Helping our Community

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