What's better than a Canadian Wunderbar?

These 2 amazing people! We are really excited to be working with Sandy and Wade in Canada. They are the business owners of "incaseof.com." They've been Shelf Reliance's official distributors for over 3 years and have a lot of experience. We are thrilled to be working with them.

Update on Canada so far:

We are still waiting on Canada officials to approve some last minute changes to then make Canada official in selling Shelf Reliance products! It should be "any time" now we are told!

We can't wait for it to open and see what happens there!

If you are interested in signing up as a consultant and you live in Canada, you can still sign up at www.shelfreliance.com/parties. You will be given your consultant number right away.

Once we are open in Canada, only a few provinces will be open at a time. But all should follow suit quicklyafter. Once we have some open provinces, any consultant can start selling to any open province.

Email us if you have questions. Canada at thrivecrew dot com.

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