What the top 10 richest people in Forbes Magazine are saying about the US today.

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These are some of the 10 ten richest people from Forbes Magazine. It really tells a lot about what's important to American's right now. Have a look at the list and see if you spend your time and money on these businesses too. I bet you do!

Microsoft- computers/stocks
Facebook - social networking/advertising

Google - online sales

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - eating/drinking/stocks
The Go Daddy Group's - online businesses/networking
Starbucks - eating/drinking/stocks
Quicken Loans - making ends meet,$

If I had to guess what all this means is: people aren't making enough money and so they are making online businesses and using lots of social networking to make it happen. And since it's so hard to start a business online, they have to drink lots and lots of coffee to stay awake during all those long hours that they are brainstorming and working on their business.

What do you think?

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