Reason's to Buy From Shelf Reliance!

Here are a 10 reasons I would definitely choose Shelf Reliance- 

1) Taste any of our food FIRST at a party for FREE before making such a large purchase

2) order this package and then host your own party, and get 10% of this order BACK in free product

3) no middle man involved in the purchase of our products. We buy our products directly from the actual food vendor. We don't pay to re-label other brands like sometimes is done.

4) Become a consultant and this order is yours for commission and host benefits.

5) You can buy a package like this one month at a time instead of all at once. Use the monthly Q and pick your budget, your ship date and your favorite food, calories for each person based on age AND get it all for our lowest price every single month.

6) because our food comes as individual ingredients, you can control the saltiness and spiciness of any of the meals you choose to make. It's all up to you!

7) By making just 1 purchase through a consultant, you are guaranteed discount pricing online any time you shop 

8) be part of our monthly newsletter and receive tips and discounts just for our party customers

9) you can return or replace any item you don't want, no questions asked, even if the can is opened.

10) our cans have a special lining on the inside and out, at no added cost to you, that prevents the can from rusting or making the food taste like tin.

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