Become a Consultant Today! Here's my Story.

Chad and Rachel

This is Rachel Mano, your Shelf Reliance Consultant.
I have been a consultant for almost 2 years now. I make a great income and my husband has quit his job as a University Professor to work with me!

I have never sold a thing in my life! I have 4 kids and the most I've ever done is change diapers and nurse babies; which I'm very proud of! I really had no experience at all with selling and home parties and such. I always supported my friends who had parties but I NEVER thought that I could be a consultant for anything. It looked like too much work and really hard to do.

I'm happy to say that I was wrong! I love giving parties. And I love selling Thrive!

The reason is that I'm so happy to help people learn about building a home store. It's something I was struggling with as a mom. I had no idea what to store or how much. I didn't know how to grind wheat or what to make with beans. I actually thought that was all there was to building a home store. Again, I was so wrong!
I'm hoping if you feel like me and have a interest in learning for yourself and helping others that you'll consider consulting like I did. It's been an amazing experience! Our lifestyle has begun to change. Paying bills doesn't make me cringe anymore. And we are together as a family; which I love!

I am putting together some information packets for people who are interested in consulting.
If you are thinking about it and want a packet sent to you, please email me or call and I'll drop it in the mail right away. When you decide to sign up...I will be your trainer. I will teach you everything I know so you can be successful too.

Here are some of the perks of becoming consultant-

1) A consultant gets commission for all her sales. She gets paid 10% of all sale totals. So if you sell a Harvest Shelf for $264.99, you earn $26.49 If you have a $1000 party, you earn $100. It's a great and easy way to make a couple hundred a month for your family.

2) A consultant earns 5% income on all Q customer orders. Q customers are signed up long term and you earn 5% commission every month for all the Q that are processed that month. This is what we call residual income and NO OTHER party plan has a way to earn commission like this. It makes us really unique and helps you earn MORE without having to DO more.

3) A consultant can be a hostess too! So you can earn all the commission AND host benefits when you give a party!! Isn't that awesome? I have tons and tons of free food and supplies simply because I can be a hostess and a consultant at the same time.

4) A consultant actually earns commission on her own personal orders as well. So if you need some extra food or shelving, place an order for yourself. First you get it at the best price and second you get paid 10% commission back from that order. So it's like getting everything for 10% OFF the lowest price!

5) A consultant gets to be a PLATINUM member of the Monthly Q with NO FEES. Platinum membership gets coupons, recipes, exclusive products, gifts and free discount points to use on the main web site on anything you want.

1) $199 to sign up. You get a consultant kit with food and supplies, marketing material and training manual included.
2) $50 a month on the monthly Q. So you can build your own family store and have supplies for parties. You'll love this! 'Cause you get it at the most discounted price, Party Price, every single month!

That's it! You have no minimum sales or inventory. You just get paid for what you sell. A check comes out every 15th of the month.

This is my contact information.
I'd love to help you get your own home store build and get you started so you can help others do the same.

Rachel Mano
435 232 8541

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