Benefits of Monthly Food Shipments... THE Q!

If you are on the Q, with a budget of $100 or more you are a Platinum Member for Free! 

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You are also earning free points toward product online, special recipes, special discounts, promotions and products as well as getting EVERYTHING on our site at the Party Price without attending a party! Just shop online from your own home! You never need a coupon!

The majority of our food is FREEZE DRIED. Which means it's REAL food with less than 10% of it's moisture intact. This gives it an extremely long shelf life, 25 years sealed, which SAVES YOU MONEY!

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Get points for every dollar you spend on the Q. Reach 500 points and earn $15 in free product online!

Reach 1000 points and earn $30 in free product online! And on and up front there!

You can choose what you'd like to order or pick from one of our prizes of equal value!

To become a Q customers, just follow these easy steps.

  • Go to:
  • Click: THE Q

  • Add information about your family and the Q will figure out how much you need for your family!
  • Once all the food has been tallied it will fill up monthly shipments based on your $100 budget as far as it can go!

(This takes you to the Main Q page which you can also access by logging in at and clicking on "THE Q" tab.)
  • Click: Q settings and put in your billing and shipping, ship date etc.
  • Edit your Q.
Need to change your budget?
You can do it!

Wanna change your shipment day?
You can do it!

Wanna change all those beans into Real Freeze Dried Meat?
You can do it!
Budget it, Customize it and Ship it to yourself! And it comes to your door via Fed Ex on the same day every month!

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Want help setting up your Q? Just contact me, I'd be glad to help!
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