Chart from "Food Storage Made Easy"

"Food Storage Made Easy" made this amazing chart. It is found on the Shelf Reliance web site.
I found it so helpful, I wanted to post it here as well!

Don’t you hate it when you buy your foods in bulk along with some buckets and then end up with one bucket too few when you repackage it all?

Or how about when you get your food storage calculator all filled out and it says to buy 600 pounds of wheat and you have NO IDEA how many buckets or cans that equates to?

Well we just spent the day perusing the internet to come up with a handy chart for you that includes the most common items recommended for long term food storage and how many pounds you can store in both #10 cans and 5 gallon buckets. Please note these are estimates depending on how you are packaging (i.e. using mylar bags or not)

Food Item    #10 Can    5 Gallon Bucket

Wheat    5 pounds    37 pounds
White Flour    4.5 pounds    33 pounds
Cornmeal    4.3 pounds    33 pounds
Popcorn    5 pounds    37 pounds
Rolled Oats    2.5 pounds    20 pounds
White Rice    5.3 pounds    36 pounds
Spaghetti    N/A    30 pounds
Macaroni    3.1 pounds    21 pounds

Dried Beans    5.6 pounds    35 pounds
Lima Beans    5.4 pounds    35 pounds
Soy Beans    5 pounds    33 pounds
Split Peas    5 pounds    33 pounds
Lentils    5.5 pounds    35 pounds

White Sugar    5.7 pounds    35 pounds
Brown Sugar    4.42 pounds    33 pounds
Powdered Milk    3 pounds    29 pounds
Powdered Eggs    2.6 pounds    20 pounds

#10 can data comes from and is what THEIR #10 cans contain. Numbers could be slightly more or less elsewhere.

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