Water Filtration Systems can Save Your Life

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"Municipal water undergoes a rigorous purification process to make it potable, including being treated with chlorine to kill microorganisms, he explained. "We consider chlorination to be effective in killing [N. fowleri]. I can't comment on any water system in Louisiana, but in general … you may start out with 1 million amoebas and your goal is to reduce it with chlorine, and you might get 99.9 percent out. But you're probably never going to eliminate 100 percent. That goes for amoebas, parasites, bacteria, viruses. So while we say our drinking water is safe, it's not sterile." [Can Your Tap Water Kill You?]"

Neti pots linked to brain-eating amoeba deaths

These kinds of deaths were unusual because these amoebas are usually found in lakes and ponds. The fact that they made it through the regularly treated water system is unusual. Though the article does say that the amoeba would have caused no harm if the person had just washed with it. Using the Neti Pot, pushed the amoeba deep into the sinus cavity where it was able to reach the brain and cause death in a matter of days


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