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The theme for the Shelf Reliance 2012 Convention is GO and it will be focusing on ways to
realize your thriving life. Attend exciting workshops and demonstrations, listen to
inspiring presentations and speakers, and of course sample lots of tasty products!
Thursday, April 12th
1:30 and 3:30  Home Office Tours
6:00–8:00   Welcome Reception
8:00–9:00 Discussion Groups, Idea Sharing
Friday, April 13th
8:00–10:00Registration, Info Booth
10:00–12:00Opening General Session
Executive Talks, Product and Tool Launches
12:00–2:00 Lunch Break (New Product Tasting Stations), Store Open
2:00–4:30   Workshops
4:30–5:30Cooking Hour with Chef Todd
6:30–9:00  Recognition Night, Including Dinner
Saturday, April 14th 
12:30–2:30 Lunch Break, Store Open
2:30–4:30 Thriving Nations Presentation (Keynote Speaker: Kris Belcher)
4:30–6:30Dinner Break, Store Open
6:30–9:00Closing Party: Entertainment, Giveaways, “Shelf Reliance Has Talent”


Kris Belcher
Shelf Reliance is honored to announce that Kris Belcher will
be joining us as the keynote speaker for the GO 2012 Convention.
 Kris’s story is a message of hope, strength, and laughter even
in the midst of life-changing adversity. We hope you will join us at convention to learn how you can realize your own thriving life,
just as Kris did.

Courage, perseverance, faith, and humor are the themes of
Kris Belcher’s life. Left completely blind and emotionally
shattered in 2003 from her second battle with cancer, Kris
was unsure how to go on. She has since grown accustomed to
life in the dark, but could do without the bumps and bruises that accompany blindness. Kris is contemplating full body armor as
a safety precaution.

Northern California was Kris’s home until she left to attend
Brigham Young University where she received her degree in
Therapeutic Recreation. Kris and her husband, James, have
two boys and live in Lehi, Utah. They own a flower shop where
Kris is the delivery driver. Well, not really. She leaves the
driving to the professionals who don’t need a cane.

Kris has published two books, Hard Times and Holy Places
 and Facing the Son. She has also published an audio talk,
But Now I See. The chance to give hope to others who struggle
in life is what motivates Kris to write and speak about her story.
She has shared her message through tears and laughter with
audiences throughout the United States and Canada.


This year's convention will offer a number of informative workshops on an array of topics
 relevant to using and selling THRIVE products and optimizing the performance of your
home business. Here are the names of just a few of the workshops we will be offering this year:
  • Utilizing The Web
  • Cooking With Thrive
  • Jump-Starting Your Business
  • "What I Wish I Knew"
  • Party Presentations
  • Resolving Concerns
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation Plan
  • Selling the Q

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