Common Questions- Shelf Reliance

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Can I order with cash, check, or money order instead of using a credit card?

Does Shelf Reliance accept food stamps?

Is Shelf Reliance's facility USDA and FDA approved?

Food Rotation Systems

What can sizes can I store and rotate?

How many cans will my unit hold?

Do I need a lot of space to store my unit?

Can I change my track configuration?

What if I don't have any #10 cans?

What if I buy a system that doesn't fit in my space?

How do I adjust the tracks to fit different cans?

Will glass jars or water bottles rotate in these units?

How can I store my boxed food?


Can families with allergies and special dietary needs eat THRIVE Foods safely?

What are the dates on the bottom of the cans?

What are our cans made from?

Are our packaging products BPA free?

Where do THRIVE fruits and vegetables come from?

Are THRIVE meats hormone and antibiotic free?

Are THRIVE products Kosher?

Emergency Kits/Supplies

How long should I store my water in a water container?

Do I need to clean my water containers?

How does one get the water out of a 30 or 55 gallon container?

Shelf Reliance Tools

What is the minumim budget amount for The Q?


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