Shelf Reliance Home Parties!

When I give a party, it's really a class! I love to teach. I've done it all my life. And I like to help people get the information they need! I really feel that THRIVE is a very unique product. It also is the healthiest I've ever heard of! It truly has saved me time and money!

 Plus my family eats healthier. I love it when my kids get all my freeze dried fruit and start making all kinds of smoothies. They don't even add any sugar! And we can have any fruit we like any time of the year, because I have it in my home store!

I can also throw together spaghetti and meat sauce or taco soup in no time, using 100% Thrive Foods! Can you tell I LOVE IT!

Here's what I bring to parties:

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  • Just add water: brownies and/or macaroons
  • Chicken salad sandwiches made from Freeze Dried Chicken, celery and onions!  Super delicious and no preservatives!
  • Melon Berry Drink: with no artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Freeze Dried yogurt and Fruit!

We will be talking about
  1. how to use freeze dried in your daily meals to save you time and money
  2. how freeze dried helps you eat healthier
  3. how to use egg powder, butter powder, shortening powder, instant milk
  4. how to know how much to store for your family
  5. how to build a family home store on a budget that you can afford

It's really a great educational class with lots of great tips!

Oh…I'll talk about the shelves that help you rotate your food so it doesn't go bad at the back of your cupboard.  As well as Water supply! It's very important.

Pass this on! It's really a fun girls night out. And it's a short presentation from beginning to end! I usually arrive 15 minutes early and am done 45 minutes after start time!

So if your friends and neighborhood would like a class on food storage and how to use it, please let me know. I'd love to come and teach you about it!

Be sure to read my blog to learn about my tips and tricks to using THRIVE foods to save me time and money!

: )
Northern Utah

To contact me send an email to or find me on my consultant website:

P.S. If I don't live near you, don't worry! I have a full and educated team of men and women from all over the US that I can send to you! 

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