Consultant Earning Potential

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I love being a consultant for many reasons!

1) I get to help other people get a great discount on a product that saves them time, money and has the added component of having a long shelf life for any of life's eventualities.
2) I love building a team. I work closely with my team and encourage them to be successful and find joy in this business as well.
3) With the residual income that comes from The monthly Q sale, I don't have to give parties anymore. I now concentrate on building my business online and training my team.
4) Comfort of working from home while still being a Full Time Stay at Home Mom!
5) Having my husband work with me! He could quit his job this past Spring as a Professor of Computer Science at our local university.
6) Flexibility in how I use my time! I can volunteer at school whenever my kids need me! And I can work on my business whenever it needs me too!
7) The pay is great! And we are working now to reach higher goals in our life that we never thought would be possible in our early thirties!

Please email me if you have any questions at all about the business! I would be glad to answer them for you! Or click HERE to get started!

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