FD Cheese, Roast Beef, Ground Beef, Chicken, 12 Packs!

The following packs are now available to order today!

All Freeze Dried Meats are REAL meat!! 

We've just removed the water through the freeze drying process! Same texture, taste and appearance as fresh meat!

Premium Meats Essentials Pack
Catalog ID: 25344
Home Party Price: $176.49
2 #10 FD Chopped Chicken
2 #10 FD Ground Beef
2 #10 FD Roast Beef

Chicken 12-Pack
Catalog ID: 25434
Home Party Price: $372.49
12 #10 FD Chopped Chicken

Ground Beef 12-Pack
Catalog ID: 25433
Home Party Price: $418.99
12 #10 FD Ground Beef

Roast Beef 12-Pack
Catalog ID: 25435
Home Party Price: $409.69
12 #10 FD Roast Beef

Ched/Mozz Combo 12-Pack
Catalog ID: 25436
Home Party Price: $372.49
6 #10 FD Cheddar Cheese
6 #10 FD Mozzarella Cheese

Emergency Grab n' Go Bottle 12Pk
Catalog ID: 25439
Home Party Price: $274.49
Contents (1 of each in bottle x 12):
Pocket Knife
Heat Pack
Squeeze LED Flashlight
Metal Whistle
Millenium Bar


Please call if you'd like this pricing. It's our pricing if you host/attend a party. But I can still give it to you if you call or email!

Just takes a second to place the order and these are amazing deals in all #10 Cans!!

Add A Shelf to hold all your cans!

Harvest 72" x 24.5" x 36.5 "
Holds 114, #10 cans

$356. 80 (online)

$270. 29 (through my consultant discount site)

Follow this link to my online store  to purchase or to contact me for the sale!

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