Host a Shelf Reliance Party!

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Click HERE to learn about what it's like to HOST a Shelf Reliance party!

I think parties are great to learn about our product!
Now these are not your typical "parties!" These are great classes on food, recipes, preparation, time management and savings. And who doesn't need to learn those things!?!

The best part is tasting the food! If you've never tried a Freeze Dried Pineapple, then you're in for a treat!!

Why YOU should host a party

Experience the wonderful taste of THRIVE foods in the company of friends and family and get great recipe ideas.

Receive great information about becoming self reliant. Learn how easy it can be to build, store, rotate and use your food storage on a regular basis.

Get the best prices on top of the line food storage, shelving and emergency supplies.

Earn additional benefits from the sales you help generate.

Help feed the hungry. A percentage of all sales goes to our charity.

Enjoy good food and the company of friends and family.

The HOST BENEFITS are wonderful!

Even if I don't live near you, I can find you someone on my team who does! Contact me or click on my Consultant SITE!
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