The Pantry Organizer- fits under stairs, in pantries or small closets!

The Pantry 27" x 18" 
Great if you don't have room for the BIG one (The Harvest), but have some space under stairs, in a small closet or in your pantry! Slide this right in and get 90 cans put away and rolling!

Often described as "cute," the Pantry 27" x 18" will fit into most any small living space or unused area. This FRS will hold up to 90 cans and offers the same great features as our larger systems. With front-loading first in first out technology and adjustable width can tracks, this FRS is the perfect solution for those who have a lot of organization needs and very limited space.

Tech Specs

Dimensions Capacity Up to 117 cans
Height 27"
Depth 18.5"
Width 24.5"
  • Can width is adjustable
  • 58 food label magnets included
  • Small tracks for 18" deep units hold up to 10 vegetable size or 11 soup size cans
  • Medium tracks for 18" deep units hold up to 7 medium size cans

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