The Q- Free Membership Available!

Did you know that American's throw away 25% of their grocery budget every month! 
Why not start putting that 25% loss into food that has a longer shelf life, so you don't have to throw it away anymore?

Try our freeze dried food and you will NEVER go back to wasting food again!

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How the Q works:
I customize a plan for your family based on
  •       family size
  •       age of each family member
  •       allergies/restrictions
  •       supply you want to gain
Enter your $100 budget
Start getting your supply every month!

Benefits to you:
  •      Always the BEST Price every month, including sales, promotions and extra discounts
  •      Accumulate points toward FREE Product at Shelf
  •      Purchase shelving or emergency supplies on Shelf for the BEST Pricing too!
  •      Pick any food you like. More of what you love, anytime you want!
  •      Order comes reliably every month by Fed Ex   
  •      No Coupon needed! It's an AUTOMATIC savings on all that's on sale at Shelf Reliance!
I am on the Q for $200 a month and we love it! It saves us money and time at the grocery store!

Start the Q at anytime on my online Discount Store: and click on THE Q.
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