Family of 5- One Year Deluxe Package!

This hasn't been on sale for almost 2 years!! I told the guys at Shelf Reliance that this price was absolutely outrageous and they were practically giving the 2 Harvest Shelves that come with this AWAY!

They soon changed the price and guess what!! It's back!!

This is an awesome package because on average a good supply for 1 person for 1 year usually is about $1000 or so. And then on top of that they are throwing in 2 Harvest Shelves (their biggest ones) to boot!

What a deal!

Here is what the package contains: Family of 5- One Year Deluxe Package.

This package will also accommodate ten people for up to six months and two people for up to two years.

Total Calories: 2,803,995 (approximately 1,536 calories per person per day)

Package includes 2 Harvest 72" #10 Food Rotation Systems and #10-sized cans in the following quantities:

Retail: $6292.99
Consultant Website: $5499.99
Q club/party/over the phone: $5449.99 (Savings of $848!!!)

     2 Harvest #10's will hold 224 cans. This package comes with 482 cans. If you would like to purchase additional Harvest #10's, please email, Rachel.

    This package is sold as is and cannot be customized. 
    If you would like to customize a package, please contact Rachel at and I'd be glad to help you do that AND give you discount pricing!

    Sale ENDS June 30th, 12 midnight MST OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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