Organization in your Pantry!

Duggar's Pantry. Photo Courtesy of TLC.

The Cansolidator Series

Try one of these fantastic can organizers. These are the the "cansolidator series!" And we love them!!
Choose from a system that holds 20, 40 or even 60 cans!

Click on this LINK to see the dimension.

Rolling cans removes the need to move boxes of cans back and forth in your pantry.
Having newest food rolling through last means you will eat everything in ORDER, saving you MONEY!
No more finding old expired cans in your pantry! 

These can be stacked 2 high and sliding 2 side by side can even give you one more track to roll a set of cans!
These are adjustable, which means you can roll in tuna cans side by side with 15 oz crushed pineapple cans! 

To purchase, follow this link to The Shelf website and also a DISCOUNT at Check-out!

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