Suggestions Basic Amounts of Food Storage.

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So, what are you the basics? What do I need for my family?

If you want to get started with just the most basic items be sure to have these items on hand.

Per Adult for one year/minimum.
This list may vary according to location/region.

Grains  400 lbs
Legumes (dry beans)  60 lbs
Powdered Milk 16 lbs
Cooking oil  10 qts.
Sugar or Honey  60 lbs
Salt 8 bls.
Water (2 weeks) 14 gal

Other items to consider

Seasoning- taco seasoning, gravy
Bread making supplies- yeast, baking soda, baking powder
Meat- Freeze Dried and Texturized Vegetable Protein
Dairy- instant milk, yogurt, cheese
Fruit- all kinds
Vegetables- all kinds
Pasta, rice and other grains

Think about the foods your family loves, and collect those supplies first!

Here is an example- Lasagna

Items You'll need
1) noodles
2) cheese
3) sauce- jar or tomato powder
4) italian seasoning, garlic, basil etc
5) Freeze Dried meat
6) Freeze Dried spinach
7) Extra water for reconstituting

Don't go over budget on these items. The Q- lets you choose a budget and the food and you get your supply every single month!

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