’Aletta’, first Pacific tropical storm of 2012, forms southwest of Mexico

’Aletta’, first Pacific tropical storm of 2012, forms southwest of Mexico

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Are you ready for a Storm like this or greater to hit your area?

What do you need?

Here's a basic list of items that could help you make it through just a little easier. All of these can be purchased at a discount through my consultant SITE.

  1. Flashlights and extra batteries. Store batteries separate from flashlights
  2. Ponchos
  3. First Aid kit
  4. Food for your family for at least 3-7 days. Think long lasting food: freeze dried meats, beans, rice and fruit and vegetables to keep your mood and energy up.
  5. Radio 
  6. Emergency Light in case you need to attract attention to yourself
  7. Rope, duct tape
  8. Water- at least 2 gallons per person per day just for drinking. If you plan on cooking and cleaning then plan 6 gallons for each person.
  9. Energy tools to charge your phone, car battery, lights etc. 
  10. Pick an emergency contact outside of your state or immediate area who is HomeBase. This person will inform everyone else of your whereabout and safety update.
  11. Emergency phone numbers in one place
  12. Important pictures and records stored safely up high or in a water tight container.
  13. games and activities for your kids.
  14. Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners, disinfectants 
  15. Don't forget about your pets! Food and clean water for them as well!
If you'd like to make a customized list, you can also do that right on readyhomestore.shelfreliance.com. And click "Emergency Planner." And click on Emergency Supplies and Customize a Kit just for you!

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