Find the Right Shelf For you!

These are the names, sizes and prices! I can give you Q club pricing if you contact me directly.
My information is and 435 232 8541 or click on this LINK to purchase online on your own.

S- small cans like soup cans
M- medium can. Bigger than 12 oz
L- large cans. Around 21 oz and larger

#10 shelves hold all #10 cans

All shelves are adjustable. Which means it can hold more cans than is stated on this list. You put these together yourself. And adjust each track to fit the kind of cans size you have. You can purchase extra tracks or adjusters are well.

Our most popular shelves are:
The Harvest 72"
The Harvest 72", #10 can holder
Cansolidator Series that fits right in your pantry.

Cansolidators are also adjustable. Can be stacked 2 high and placed side by side. 

Shelving for Shelf Reliance Customers

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