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Hi All! This is Rachel Mano, your Shelf Reliance consultant!

Many of you are probably contemplating hosting a party, but are nervous because you might not know what it would be like.

A Shelf Reliance party is really EASY! The only thing you have to do is 1) pick a date and 2) invite friends.

I do all the rest! I bring yummy food samples for everyone. And give a short presentation about our long lasting food! And in turn you earn lots and lots of FREE product. On average most hostesses earn $50-$80 in free product!

The great thing about Shelf Reliance's Thrive Food Line is that it teaches you to save money by having longer lasting food in your pantry! And I teach you how to do it on a budget!

We have a vast line of Freeze Dried food that lasts 25 years! And even once you open it, you still have from 1-2 years to use it up!

These include
Freeze Dried Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat.

On average, Americans throw away 25% of their monthly grocery budget! That's a lot of money and a lot of food!

How can we change that? Purchasing food with a longer shelf life that doesn't go bad is the way!
Freeze Dried food also has NO preservatives, added sugars, sweeteners or colors! And it tastes great!
Our company chooses only vine ripened food and flash freezes it right away for you! Vine ripened food has had the time to take in all of it's nutrition and in turn helps you and your family eat healthier more vitamin filled food!

Freeze Dried food is easy to prepare and makes cooking meals very easy and fast!
All you need to do is add water to it and use it like you would any other food.

Because our meats are precooked and then freeze dried, you can have dinner ready in a flash! Our vegetables and fruits are also already dices up! This includes onions! No more crying! Throw it all together and make a meal in 15 minutes.

This saves you time and money! No more running to fast food midweek. And you're eating healthier too!

If you'd like to schedule a party with me and learn more about longer lasting food that saves you time, money and helps you feed your family better, please contact me!

Rachel Mano
435 232 8541
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