to GMO or NOT To GMO?

GMO are Genetically Modified Foods. Watch this video to understand more! Did you know Shelf Reliance's THRIVE Food line had a HUGE list of NON-GMO foods? Our full list is below. GMO foods have come from Genetically modified seeds. These seeds were changed to withstand infestation. They work together with pesticides to repel bugs. The only thing is, we are eating them! And we don't know what they can do to our bodies. Some research suggest that eating foods that have been genetically modified might lead to major health concerns. Now that we have a huge supply of GMO's in the US, bugs have gotten smarter 'causing more changes to our foods. The truth is, we just don't know the effects of GMO food on our bodies. But it comes down to whether that is an "ingredient" that you want to eat or not.

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