What you need for the Apocalypse...according to MSN.

This is the LINK to the article about this very unique assemblence of materials!

"Sold under the tagline "Outlive the end," this "Apocalypse PAK" presents everything you might need to survive fire, brimstone, zombies, bears, and more"

I don't know about this kind if kit! I think it would require a lot more things to get me prepared to actually USE this kit than just the purchase of it!

First- I'd have to learn how to tie knots in rope and scale mountains
Second- I'd need a license to carry a weapon as well as detailed instructions on how to use it
Thirdly- I guess I'd have to learn how to use a machete that size! Whoa!!! There's a lot of power in this bag!!

A fun article to peruse and learn from. Enjoy!

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