How to be a Lay Shelf Reliance Consultant and Still Make $ and still get Product for FREE!

A couple of friends have asked how they can be a Shelf Reliance Consultant and not give parties but just get stuff discounted and free and a little commission on the side.

So here's how to do that:
  1. Sign up for the $199 starter kit.
  2. Sign up for monthly shipment of Thrive Foods on the Q at $50/mo. (Thrive Food is AMAZING!!)
  3. Sign up for a ShelfReliance Personalized Website $10/mo.

You get 10% commission for any orders placed through your website.
You also get 10% of those totals in FREE product.
Just last week I got an order for over $1K from a random person!

  • No minimum sales required to get paid or earn free product
  • No inventory to keep
  • No requirements for building a team

Just get paid for all yours sales no matter what they are.

Sign up Q monthly shipment members and get paid commission for EVERY single month they receive shipments! This is HUGE...residual income from 1 sale month after month!! This is amazing!

And if you live in UT, I'll come and give a party FOR you and you keep the free product and Commission

This is the easiest way to earn FREE product and Commission without giving parties.

Sign up at:

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