Pico de Gallo

We got 2 nice tomato plants from our garden this summer. Unfortunately it got cold and the tomatoes did not have a chance to mature and turn red. We thought we'd lost the whole harvest. My friend told me to just cut the plants down and hang them in my basement and they'd turn red. Wow---was she ever right! Here is a picture of the plants hanging and turning red. You can see a whole bunch of red ones. I pulled off tons earlier this week (about 20) and today I am making Pico de Gallo...a.k.a uncooked salsa or fresh salsa. You just dice tomatoes, chop cilantro and onions, add fresh lime juice and salt and that's it! So easy. I'm going to bottle up a whole bunch today to save for winter when tomatoes are $1 each! Then we can enjoy a yummy, homemade, organic treat when it's snowing outside!

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