Shelf Reliance and The Volcano Stove Team Up!

Utah Company teams up with Shelf Reliance to offer you an amazing new Emergency Product called-

 2 versions available- Collapsable and Free Standing. As well as Propane and Propane FREE!
Incredibly long lasting and durable. Great for an emergency supply because you can put it away and pull it out when you need it and know it will work everytime!

Lift up to open up the Collapsable Volcano Stove- Easy!
Propane FREE model does not carry the burner piece. Use charcoal or wood for this model.
There are a series of vents in the bottom of the pan that allows the volcano to let air in and keep it cool. So you can control the heat with the use of the air vents.

The vent system is below your fuel source so you can even use this Volcano stove safely at a tailgate. The Volcano stays cool on the outside! It's safe and efficient because of this unique vent system, controlling your heat anyway you want.

Try using a dutch oven on this model! Allows good positioning for the dutch oven and you don't need to add briquettes on the top of the dutch. Add briquettes to the top if you are doing foods like cobbler that uses toppings.

You can even grill charcoal. Add briquettes on the lower level and on the pan level to create greater heat with less briquettes.

Propane model can cook with charcoal and wood the same as the non-propane model. But you have the added feature of adding propane for easy and fast cooking.

Remove the brass tube from regulator hose and thread it to your stove.
An adapter is included to be able to attach a 1 lb bottle of propane versus the larger size; great option for emergencies. Burns perfectly the first time you hook it up! No need to balance heat and air controls to start.

You can grill or charcoal grill. Even try using a wok in the outdoors for fajitas!! Great idea!

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