Shelf Reliance Espanol is now OPEN for Business!

To my Spanish-speaking/and or bilingual friends- Shelf Reliance, the company I work for and Chad quit his job to work for full time, has now opened it's doors to the Spanish Speaking market nationwide with plans to expand internationally quickly. If you are interested in helping Chad and I on this ground floor opportunity, please contact us! This is brand new and is going to grow fast! Chad and I will do all the consultant training but we need some hard workers to get in there and work with us, even if it's just 10 hours a week! If owning your own business and teaching people about self-reliance and being leaders in their own community is something you've been hoping to do, contact us today! Chad and I are working on this right now!

We will be starting with a training and Opportunity Meeting in Cache Valley, UT first and then expanding north and south of here.

Follow this LINK to our contact information!

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