Utah Business Helps support Preparation/Entrepreneurship

Great Story by Zion's Bank!

Utah has a strong culture of Emergency Preparedness

Shelf Reliance was launched in 2004 with Shelving that helps you keep your food as fresh as possible.
But now we have our amazing THRIVE food line created for long term or daily use.

Freeze Dried food keeps 95% of it's nutrition! Giving long lasting, delicious and nutritious options for your family.
With growth increasing over 10 fold, the company opened up it's doors to Canada in 2011. As the company continues to expand, it's sights are set on 2 new markets- Japan and the Spanish Speaking community. All planned to begin within the 2012/2013 year!

Expansion of this great product moved into the Home Party Industry in 2009; allowing consumer to taste BEFORE they buy! 

A great model was put together to build home businesses that would support consultants as entrepreneurs in their home states helping to support and stimulate the economy from a Home-Based approach!

To learn more about this great Company and the Chance to own Your own Business, contact me, Rachel Mano- Independent Consultants with Shelf Reliance and Platinum Ranking Member.

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