Your own Shelf Reliance Business!

This is our TRUE story!! My name is Rachel and my husband is Chad. We are regular people! We have 4 kids and are busy just like you! But we have our own Shelf Reliance Business!

 We work together from home. We love being able to focus on our family on our time! My husband was able to quit his job 1 year ago. And we haven't looked back since!

As a stay at home mom, I was challenged with how to fit a Shelf Reliance business into my life. It was possible! How did I do it?

I scheduled 1 party a week during weeknight and one on a Saturday as often as I could. My husband was always home to be with the kids!

By being consistent in scheduling parties at this pace, I was able to
 1) build a team quickly
2) set up long lasting personal sales through selling the monthly Q
3) Build an amazing HomeStore for our own family!

This product really does sell itself! It's a great product because it's FOOD! No need to explain how important healthy, delicious and long lasting food can save you time and money!

 Contact me if you would like more information on becoming a consultant on Our TEAM!

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