Shelf Reliance Consultant Marketing Materials

Once you've used up all the material in your own consultants starter kit, then you'll need to know to get more!

It's easy...Shelf Reliance has created a great and inexpensive array of marketing material for you as a consultant to fill up your party binders.

Here is the list with ID numbers to help you!

To place an order for any of these consultant materials, simply add yourself as a customer in your Consultant Database and process your order as if you were a regular customer!

Also, get these items for FREE by using your Host Benefits to order them. Remember, when using the Host Benefits you must refer to the RETAIL price.

Product I absolutely recommend having on hand...Q club brochures, catalogs, Opportunity DVD's, Opportunity Brochures and pouches of brownies and macaroons!!

Please contact me if you need any help at all!

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