Shelf Reliance Consultants Pay

 How would you like to be in business for yourself? 

One of the best things about this business is- what we put in, we get out! If we put in more hours, we can have better results and get paid more. But with a regular job, you can put in more hours and if you're salaried, you don't get paid more! Though you might get a pat on the back or a doughnut occasionally. That really is disappointing and hard! 

And in this day and age, it really is the norm to have to take a pay cut, and do the work of 2 or more people all for the same pay! What a challenge! 

As a Shelf Reliance Consultant you are in a business that pays you for your work! And if you work more, you get paid more!

 It's great to see our paycheck change and grow month after month as we work harder month after month! This is a great way to pay off debt, build up your life savings and start living an independent life!

To start the Shelf Reliance business you only need to do 2 things-

 1) Purchase a starter kit. There are 4 to choose from and you can choose the one that you like the best. The kits start at $199.
 2) Start a monthly shipment of Thrive Foods called the Q to qualify for commission every month. That's it! 

The rest is yours for commission! No matter if it's $10 or $10,000 that you've earned, you'll get paid for your work! 

 So, why is a Q so important? 
Well it's the backbone to the commission plan! The Q is set up with tons of amazing and delicious THRIVE foods that you and your family can enjoy! 

It is always at the BEST possible price for you as a consultant with monthly discounts and sales! And it saves you time and money too! Freeze Dried Thrive Food is always FRESH. 

Freeze Dried at the peak of perfection and sealed in an Enamel Coated can for protection. Never throw away broccoli or mushrooms again! It lasts 25 years sealed in the can and 1-2 years opened! 

Use it everyday and save yourself the headache of running to the store for last minute ingredients. Plus, it's all diced, chopped and grated to save you precious time! 

Who doesn't love that...saves you time, money and it's always fresh and delicious! 

The other great reason for the Q in our business is to help build residual income! 
 As you set up your own customers on the Q, they become part of your regular commission. 

You get paid extra commission for all the Q shipments you've set up for as long as those shipments are running. 

As a consultant building a team, you can see how beneficial it is to have great Q customers as well as great Q consultants! 

All your consultants will also have the requirement of being signed up on the Q, just like you. As their enroller you'll benefit from their Q sale just as you did your customers. And as they enroll members of their own, they will do the same. 

This allows you to build SALE volume residually. Building from month to month. 

"One sale, that pays you again and again." - The power of the Q!

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