Shelf Reliance - Find a Consultant Here!

If you need help finding a consultant in your area, please feel free to FOLLOW this link and fill out this page!! Id' be glad to help you out!

I have a team that covers the US and Canada and I'd be glad to set you up with a qualified consultant to give you a party demonstration.

If you are looking for information on becoming a Consultant then look no farther than HERE!

Our company is a nationwide, including Canada, with plans to open Japan in the 2012/2013 year.

Chad and I work with consultant near and far! And we train online by webinar, on the phone and through email regularly.

Since this company does not allow consultants to take up territories, all consultants have the freedom to sell, recruit and train in all states and Canada!! That is really exciting!

Since the company ships everything for consultants, your customers can be as far as 3000 miles from you or as close as 3!

Training is done weekly by the company and bi-weekly by Chad and I through webinars and newsletters.

We have the largest and fastest growing team in the Company. And as the 4th consultants in the company we have the experience to go with it!

Chad is now working full time with me, Rachel, in our Shelf Reliance business. Having surpassed his take-home pay about 2 years into our venture with Shelf Reliance we are now in the thick of things, full swing! Chad speaks Japanese and I speak Spanish. So this adds to our motivation to move our business forward!

What an crazy thing to think he quit his job! And it wasn't a bad job either! He was a professor of Computer Science at a University. And in fact his title is actually Dr. Chad Mano PhD! Whoa-who!!

He loved his job, but the opportunity to take a chance like this and run with it, was more than he could bare!! He's always been an entrepreneur at heart! The combination of his degrees in Managerial Economics and Computer Security has created a strong leadership and training ethic on our team!

I hope you will contact us and see soon what we are all about!

Feel free to click on OUR STORY on the left hand side of this blog to see us speak about our experience in Person!

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