Shelf Reliance- New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virignia

I'm bringing my business to the EAST Coast! October 2012 I'll be back Home!

And I'm excited to bring THRIVE to you! 
I'm looking for friends interested in trying this for the first time!

What is my business about? 

Thrive food is Real food that has been Freeze Dried. Food like bananas, yogurt and strawberries, chicken and beef. No preservatives, no additives, no colors or sweeteners. Just REAL food.


Because of the Freeze Drying process the food lasts LONGER than regular food- saving you MONEY!

If you keep it in it's container it lasts 25 years. Opened you have 1-2 years to finish it all! No more throwing away food or money! Imagine having spinach, onions, scrambled egg and butter all on your pantry shelf?

Freeze-drying is a process that allows food to be shelf stable while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients. Freeze dried foods retain their original color, form, size, taste and texture. Whether eaten every day or saved for the future, THRIVE Freeze Dried products will taste great, stay fresh, and contribute to overall health.

A more traditional preservation process is dehydration. Dehydration is an excellent option in many cases, but the process does tend to change the color and texture of your food. Dehydration also doesn't remove as much water as freeze drying, resulting in foods that weigh more and have shorter shelf lives.

Freeze dried foods last longer and are healthier than foods that are simply dehydrated. When rehydrated with water or any other liquid you choose, freeze dried products come back to their original state. They are ideal for simple snacking and inclusion in recipes. Because these foods are harvested and dried at peak freshness, you can have nutrition and great taste all year round.

So how does freeze drying work? The process has four steps:

1. Freezing:
The product is frozen. This provides a necessary condition for low temperature drying.

2. Vacuum:
After freezing, the product is placed under vacuum. This enables the frozen liquid in the product to vaporize without passing through the liquid phase, a process known as sublimation.

3. Heat:
Heat is applied to the frozen product to accelerate sublimation.

4. Condensation:
Low-temperature condenser plates remove the vaporized liquid from the vacuum chamber by converting it back to a solid. This completes the separation process.
Shop our premium line of Freeze Dried products see why THRIVE has become a trusted source for Food Storage.

And because it's REAL food, it tastes GREAT too! Use and prepare it like your regular groceries without ever having to dice, chop or refrigerate it!

Please contact me- If you are interested in a sample 

Or if you want to host a party and EARN your food for FREE!

We offer autoship and great discounts and coupons for all our customers! As well as small sized packing!

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