Shelf Reliance Booths all over US and Canada!

Have you ever wondered what Shelf Reliance is all about? Well, you'll probably find one of us at your local Home, Women's or Educational Expo! 

These are some examples of the beautiful booths that our Consultants have put together. We are all super kind and helpful! 

Look for us next time you are at a special EVENT and have a Thrive Food Sample too!

Be sure to pick up information on Becoming a Consultant and Hosting your First Party!

To Join our team, click on the link of the person below that you'd like to connect with... or contact me, Rachel Mano at! 

We'd all love to hear from you! Being a consultant is really a great experience! 

We get to sell something that everybody needs- FOOD! 

And help our neighbors and friends be organized in their Kitchens with our amazing Front Loading Rotating Shelves.

As well as prepared for any emergencies with our Emergency Supplies!  

Have a look at these great booths and feel free to contact with any of these amazing consultants to order product or begin your business today!

Chef Denise at from Bryan, Texas

Diana Boley at

Leigh Ann Pettit at from The Carolinas.

Krista Benjamin-Brown at from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Victoria Anglin at

Holly Colley at from Virginia

Shannon Liska at from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Heather Lorimer and Elise Burt at and  from Cache Valley, Utah.
Marci Pratt and Tayli Nelson at from Cache Valley, Utah.


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