Water Bricks in Indiana!


Water Bricks are amazing! Stack 'em up, side by side or under a bed! Water in an easy to carry, easy to fill, easy to empty container. 

Personal Story: When we moved to Indiana so my husband could attend Notre Dame, we had no idea that Indiana was a tornado state! They really should tell you these things when you move there! So one day, we heard this siren that sounded like an ambulance. It just kept going and going and I wondered, what the ambulance was doing just standing in one place like that. Little did I know, what I was hearing was a tornado siren. And the tornado had touched down in South Bend! I had no idea! I was upstairs with my 2 little ones, looking outside, and just living our normal lives without knowing what was really happening in our little town.
That's what got me thinking about emergency supplies! I decided that if I had to leave my home with my little ones, I would need something I could grab fast that I could also carry with one hand? Number one thing was water! But how would I carry it? So I decided that I needed 3-5 gallon containers that I could actually lift!
That is why I highly recommend these WaterBricks. I can lift them!! And a baby too! Wow! I love being prepared and have great solutions for the way I live my life!

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If you have any questions or want to read more about these, follow this link!

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