Freeze Dried Ice Cream in January? Yes!

All 6, Gallon sized cans for $177.99
Give any meal a happy ending with THRIVE Ice Cream products! Our scrumptious freeze dried ice cream is a unique treat that will wow your friends and family. The Ice Cream 6 Pack allows you to sample our most popular ice cream products, containing two #10 cans each of Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bars, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Neapolitan Bits. Stock up on sweet treats with the Ice Cream 6 Pack! (Shelf Reliance Website)

How do you use Thrive Ice Cream?
Well, you just eat it! No need for a freezer! Just grab an ice cream sandwich out of the can and away you go! No runny, drippy ice cream on your kids' arms!

Our kids have really enjoyed Thrive Ice Cream. It's really unique. And surprisingly crunches just like a cracker! You'll get a kick out of the authentic ice cream taste in all of our varieties of ice cream; including the popular Ice Cream Sandwiches and Neapolitan Bits!

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