Puerto Rico and Japan both OPEN for Business!

If you live in either Puerto Rico or Japan or know someone who does, your time has finally come!!

You can sign up as a consultant with Shelf Reliance!
This is very recent news so we only have less than 10 consultants right now in each of these locations.

If you don't live in these locations but speak Spanish or Japanese, we need you too!
We are looking for well rounded, educated people who would be willing to translate, and learn the business to start their own teams in these areas and in the US as well.  

Puerto Rico has a population of 3.7 million all waiting for amazing THRIVE food to change their lives! 

The FIRST training meeting in Puerto Rico will be February 2nd, Saturday. 

Attend this meeting and meet me, Rachel Mano. 

More details to come.

Japan has a population of 127 million, also waiting for THRIVE to come to them!

Look for a Training meeting information on this blog soon! 

Plan on meeting dates during the 3rd week of January.

Attend this meeting and meet Chad Mano.

Contact Chad and Rachel HERE to get signed up and TRAINED on becoming a Thrive Consultant in your area!

Chad and Rachel Mano. Team THRIVE CREW. Platinum Executive Consultants. Members of the Corporate Advisory Board. Consultants since 2009. English, Spanish and Japanese Speakers.
Chad Mano- PhD in Computer Security. Rachel Mano- Bachelors in Spanish.

rachel and chad mano
rachel@thrivecrew.com, chad@thrivecrew.com
435 232 8541
Utah, USA

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