Why Thrive is the Food Storage you will Want to have on hand?

When I first started as consultant over 3 years ago, I thought this was just food storage. Boy, was I wrong. When Shelf Reliance introduced the idea of building a Home Store that you actually use, that was an amazing concept to me. I thought, "well, that would sure save money. But does this mean I have to make bread from scratch? I don't think I can do that."

I'm so happy to say this does not mean you have to make bread from scratch. In fact you don't have to make bread ever, unless you want to. So does have a Home Store save you money then? It all has to do with making a list and setting a budget.

Sounds easy right? Well, it is! Make a list of what your family uses often in your favorite family recipes.

For example:(everything that is bold is a product you can get from THRIVE)

 Taco Soup
ground beef, canned tomatoes, chicken bouillon, black beans, seasonings, onions, peppers, green chiles, corn.

Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Chopped chicken, broccoli, cream of chicken soup, mayonnaise, curry powder, chinese fried noodles.

Now figure yourself a budget. You might be asking, "a budget from what? I can't spend more each month? Where do I get this budget from?" This budget will be a portion of your monthly food budget.

But why would you spend a portion of your food budget on Food storage? Well, because you might be surprised to realize that statistically you are throwing away about 25% of your monthly grocery budget each month! Why are you doing that? It's because food goes bad.

What if you SWITCHED a portion of your grocery store produce, frozen and dairy that only lasts about 1 week for identical food that lasts 25 years instead! This means that 25% that is being thrown away is now your new Home Store!

A Home Store is a place in your home where you can go to get your supplies at ANY time.
Wow! Imagine having chicken, broccoli, ground beef, green chiles and tomatoes in your pantry!

And what's more...when you have everything on hand you don't need to run for fast food, eat junk, and don't need to run to the store last minute at 5:24 pm! Aggg!! This means more meals at home, healthier meals, better ingredient meals! Awesome!!

On top of the wonderful MONEY you will save by not 1) throwing away food, 2) running to the store last minute and spending gas money, 3) grabbing junk food or fast food--- you have a HUGE advantage in that your THRIVE Home Store is also already diced, chopped, and sliced!
Your meat is already cooked. And cooking time is cut in half!! Just add a little water to bring back to LIFE or throw it in your favorite meal like our family favorite, Taco Soup and let the crock pot do the work!

I love THRIVE. We use it pretty much every day!  It's healthy--- FD retains over 98% of it's nutrition! It's fast---making chicken salad in 3 minutes! It's economical---FD lasts 25 years sealed and 1-2 year opened!! No more throwing away my groceries! Go to it anytime, when you need it!

I'd love to help you get some THRIVE too! Please contact me and we'll set something up for your family!


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