Why I think you should choose THRIVE.

Free Monthly Shipment Program: No need to buy huge amounts of food all at once! Set a budget, make a list of your favorite Thrive Foods and ship yourself an order once a month or more if you choose!

Adjustable shelving for your Food- Shelf Reliance has the patent on our wonderful Shelf Reliance Shelving and Cansolidators! Rotate your food so you use food in the order that you bought it! No more lost cans at the back of the pantry.

Year supply or small packages: For those looking to build a large supply at home or a smaller one, either way is an option with Thrive.

No Preservative: There are no preservatives in our freeze dried products! No need to, freeze dried food contains less than 5% of it's moisture, meaning it can last a really really long time. How about 25 years? And 1-2 years shelf life once opened.

No Sugar Added: Did you know that our Freeze Dried Pineapple tastes just like candy but it has absolutely no sugar added! Same goes for our veggies- no salt! Just great tasting, vine-ripened REAL food.

Get it FREE- What's better than free? No one can outsell something that is FREE? Host a party and get everything you want for FREE!

Guaranteed Satisfaction- Don't like a product, send it back; even it it's opened! Wow!

Call me today with any questions you might have!

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