NON- GMO Garden Vegetable Seeds!

If you are hoping to grow a beautiful garden with natural seeds, then look no farther than our Thrive Garden Vegetable Seeds. They are not genetically modified. That means they have not been altered in anyway to be anything than what they should be- just fresh vegetables!

With THRIVE Garden Vegetable Seeds, you can have all your favorite garden-fresh veggies in your own home garden. All seeds are non-hybrid and true to variety, so you can feel confident that your garden vegetables are fresh from the ground straight to your kitchen table. If stored in cool conditions and planted as directed, one can of THRIVE Garden Vegetable Seeds can yield hundreds of wholesome vegetables for your family that are delicious both when canned or fresh.
Also included in your package is one Planting, Harvesting, and Seed Collecting Guide that will teach you how cultivate and grow your garden to its full potential. Whether you are a natural green-thumb or a gardening novice, you will enjoy reaping the rewards of your THRIVE Vegetable Garden.

Note: Due to the variety of items that can be grown with THRIVE Garden Vegetable Seeds, we have foregone the nutrition facts for this item. The nutrition facts at right do not reflect the potential nutrition of the vegetables grown.

Can Contents
Contender Bush Bean seeds (2 envelopes - 226.8 g each)
Detroit Dark Red Beet seeds (7.087 g)
Golden Acre Cabbage seeds (1.984 g)
Scarlet Nantes Carrot seeds (7.087 g)
Golden Bantum 8 Corn seeds (113.4 g)
Straight Eight Cucumber seeds (1.984 g)
Salad Bowl Green Leaf Lettuce seeds (3.685 g)
Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion seeds (1.984 g)
Green Arrow Pea seeds (2 envelopes - 226.8 g each)
Sweet Yolo Wonder L Pepper seeds (0.2 g)
Champion Radish seeds (9.355 g)
Boomsdale Long Standing Spinach seeds (7.087 g)
Zucchini Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds (1.984 g)
Sweet Meat Winter Squash (3.685 g)
Rutgers Tomato seeds (0.1 g)

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